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RECART simulator  RTR "Ready To Race"

Not every driver understands the design of racing cars. Likewise, not every simracer needs to understand simulators. Our experience with virtual racing is as old as simracing itself (dating back to about 2000, when the first racing online platform - the Grand Prix Legends simulator - began to expand). We are happy to use this experience when building a "tailor-made" simulator - ie according to the specific requirements of the customer and with regard to his budget. 
For a basic idea, we have prepared three model proposals for assignments / realizations, however, there are no limits to imagination. Simulator assemblies can be equipped with a sequential or H shift lever, handbrake, various types of steering wheels, dash panel, button box or D-BOX, NLR or SimXperience motion systems.
If you are interested, contact us by phone or e-mail, we will arrange a meeting with us, where you can try all our products and ride on a simulator with a motion platform. We will discuss your idea on the basis of which we will create an offer.

1. Training tool for winter preparation of a go-kart rider.
2. Affordable quality simulator for simracing.

Affordable, yet very high quality simulator assembly. The TS-XW steering wheel belongs to the top of the Thrustmaster series. The Sparco steering wheel rim is also extremely successful. The maximum feedback torque is 6Nm. The pedals are not equipped with a pressure sensor, however, thanks to the combination of spring and rubber insert, it simulates the real resistance of the brake and can be dosed well. The simulator is equipped with a 43 "4K Samsung screen. PC RECART SL set with Ryzen5 processor, RTX2060S graphics, 1TB SSD and 16GB DDR4 guarantees very high details in 4K. 

RECART PR-50, Monitor stand MS-01, steering wheel Thrustmaster TS- XW + pedals T3PA, PC RECART SL set, speakers, keyboard holder, adjustable Glock seat.   

€ 3030.00
Price including assembly at the customer, training and testing

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We first test our products on ourselves. It helps us to transfer our own experience into production and effectively improve every detail. 

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